Store Your Personal IDs with EncryptionSafe’s New Feature: Encrypted Personal IDs.

In the course of everyday life, you are often you are asked for your personal IDs. Whether it’s a bank account, passport, or drivers license, it is often required. However, usually it is a time consuming to find that information. And what’s worse, it is often unprotected. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a powerful new feature in EncryptionSafe: Encrypted Personal IDs.

EncryptionSafe’s Encrypted Personal IDs feature revolutionizes the way you store and protect your sensitive personal information. With this feature, you can securely encrypt and store personal IDs such as bank accounts, passports, driver’s licenses, credit cards, and social security numbers—all within the EncryptionSafe app.

How Does it Work?

Using EncryptionSafe’s intuitive interface, simply enter your personal ID information into the provided template. Our advanced encryption technology then transforms this data into an encrypted ID, ensuring maximum security and privacy. Plus, with the ability to attach images, like a scanned copy of your passport or driver’s license, you can conveniently access important documents whenever you need them.

Why Choose Encrypted Personal IDs?

Ease of Use: EncryptionSafe’s user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to securely store and manage their personal IDs.

Enhanced Security: Our robust encryption methods guarantee that your sensitive information remains protected from unauthorized access.

Convenience: With encrypted IDs stored securely in one place, you’ll have quick and convenient access to your personal information whenever you need it.

Free to Use: EncryptionSafe is free to download and includes many free features including Encrypted Personal IDs.

Access our user guide for more details on Encrypted Personal IDs:

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