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Yes, we have a PDF file with instructions on using EncryptionSafe.  You see it it by clicking here:  EncryptionSafeDocs

There are two reasons a file won't encrypt: 


  1. EncryptionSafe only encrypts a file if it is less than 400 MB.
  2. EncryptionSafe doesn't encrypt certain file types, for example EXE files.  We do this to keep users from encrypting files that are necessary to use their computer.


The file types we don't encrypt are: EXE, DLL. COM.


Currently, EncryptionSafe is only available for Microsoft Windows.  Let us know if you are interested in other platforms.  Our development roadmap is influenced by user requests. 

No.  Your password is required to decrypt your files.  We do not store a copy of your password, and there is no "backdoor" that allows files to be decrypted without the password.