Celebrating EncryptionSafe’s “Excellent” PCMag Review

We are thrilled to share that EncryptionSafe has received an “Excellent” review from PCMag, which can be read from the link below:


Highlighting our product’s ease of use and robust features, PCMag rated EncryptionSafe highly, emphasizing its simplicity and effectiveness in file encryption. Here are some key points from the review that showcase why EncryptionSafe is a top choice for securing your data:

Uncomplicated Encryption for All

PCMag praised EncryptionSafe for its straightforward encryption process. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can quickly encrypt their files and folders without hassle. The free edition includes essential features such as file and folder encryption and secure storage of personal IDs like driver’s licenses and passports. This makes it perfect for those who need basic encryption without any cost.

Affordable Pro Features

For those looking for enhanced security, the Pro edition of EncryptionSafe is a bargain. At just $19.95 for five device licenses, it adds multi-factor authentication, secure file sharing, and full-scale file shredding. PCMag noted that most competing products cost significantly more for similar features, making EncryptionSafe Pro an excellent value.

Ease of Setup and Use

PCMag highlighted the ease of setting up EncryptionSafe. The quick installation process, along with helpful tips and an intuitive interface, ensures that users can start protecting their data in no time. Creating a strong master password is simple, and encrypting files is as easy as dropping them into the EncryptionSafe window.

Security Features You Need

EncryptionSafe offers essential security features even in its free version. For those who need more, the Pro edition provides advanced options like multi-factor authentication using Google Authenticator, secure sharing of encrypted files, and a comprehensive file shredding feature to securely delete originals.

Local and Secure Storage

One standout feature mentioned in the review is EncryptionSafe’s ability to maintain local encrypted copies of personal IDs. Unlike some password managers that store data across devices, EncryptionSafe keeps your sensitive information strictly on your PC, adding an extra layer of security.

User-Friendly and Efficient

PCMag appreciated how user-friendly and efficient EncryptionSafe is. The review noted that encrypting and decrypting files is a seamless process, and the software effectively protects the plaintext original during encryption. This makes EncryptionSafe a reliable choice for anyone looking to secure their sensitive information.

Why Choose EncryptionSafe?

EncryptionSafe offers a perfect balance of simplicity, security, and affordability. Whether you need basic encryption or advanced features, EncryptionSafe caters to all your needs. The positive review from PCMag reinforces our commitment to providing a top-notch product that users can trust.

Try EncryptionSafe today and experience the ease of secure encryption. Protect your data effortlessly with our user-friendly software. And if you’re looking for more advanced features, upgrade to EncryptionSafe Pro for a comprehensive security solution at an unbeatable price.

We are proud of this recognition and will continue to innovate and improve EncryptionSafe to ensure your data remains safe and secure. Thank you for choosing EncryptionSafe!

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